The BrazenBunch philosophy evolved from a group of creative like-minded individuals whose common ethos was to do good things wherever and whenever possible. The name and direction manifested in a conversation held by a bunch of friends debating world issues as they sheltered from a rainy day in London.

BrazenBunch is now a non-profit organisation working with Musicians, Artists and Filmmakers to provide events and projects that benefit both local and global communities and highlight worthy causes using the medium of the arts.

BrazenBunch contributors connect far and wide across the planet we share through their respective heritages, personifying that we are 'All Equal but Not the Same'. The organisation promotes eclectic and collaborative projects which appreciate and celebrate culture and eradicate the restriction of labels and boxes.

BrazenBunch work with communities and individuals in a positive and culturally respective way and promote ethical and environmental living as part of daily life for those of us fortunate enough to have the privilege of choice. The 'Equal Education' and 'Direct Action' programs aim to contribute something physical - from a pencil to personpower - therefore providing the contributor specific information and personal involvement.

BrazenBunch operates by the contributions in whichever form that may be - by those who become involved. As the BrazenBunch movement grows so with it grows the message of Peace, Positivity and Progress.